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Friday, September 25, 2009

News: Transubstans to reissue Anglabarn and San Michaels soon

A couple of years ago, Transubstans of Sweden (Record Heaven's house label) had pre-announced their intention to reissue the very rare pop psych folk album by Anglabarn. Then silence. Now it is finally slated for release on 9/30.

San Michael's on UMR

About a month ago, we had announced the reissue of the very rare San Michael's debut album (originally released in 1971 and features future Kaipa organist Hans Lundin), along with an archival second album called "Nattåg". At the time, it appeared they were coming out exclusively in Japan on the Belle Antique label. But it appears that is only for the Japanese mini-LP market. Transubstans is the originator and license holder. I've added the cover for the second album (the first is in the original announcement, which I'm too lazy to link to). Both of these will be released on 11/15.

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