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Friday, September 18, 2009

M. L. Bongers Project, Germany

M. L. Bongers Project - Pacific Prison. 1978 private.

Funny that I'd recently run across the Sirius "Running to Paradise" album prior to hearing the M.L. Bongers Project album for the first time. My revisit of the Sirius album had demonstrated to me that the proliferation of classic early Genesis moves just hasn't aged as well as I'd prefer. M. L. Bongers Project is cut from the same cloth, but I'd found this album more welcoming. One reason for this is the decidedly earlier era instrumentation. Not so much a distinction from 1982 to 1978, but rather more like 1973, as the M. L. Bongers Projects definitely sounds like a band from a different period. Such characteristics such as fuzz tone guitar, heavy doses of organ and predominant use of flute add to this perception. Perhaps even more enticing is that "Pacific Prison" gives off the impression that they're just as comfortable operating as a space rock band than as a "Foxtrot" wannabee. I'm not sure I've heard this combination of Hawkwind meets Genesis in the past, which justifies for me at least, consideration that this a tier 1 album. If there's an issue I have with "Pacific Prison", it would be the heavily accented English vocals, a common problem for German bands in those days.

Priority: 2

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