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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ezra Winston, Italy

Ezra Winston - Myth of the Chrysavides. 1988 private.

A bit of a surprise that this modern classic has yet to find its way on CD. Ezra Winston's debut was created at the dawn of the digital age, when LPs still outsold CDs. The LP itself features a nice cover and a 14 page accompanying booklet.

As for the music, Ezra Winston also pioneered the Italian progressive rock renaissance that we still enjoy today. It's not a typical Italian album though, with lyrics in English and the music possesses a distinct UK and Dutch "neo prog" sound. Still, for us fans at the time, it gave us hope that our favorite style of music wasn't dead just yet. It wouldn't be long before other Italian progressive rock bands joined the parade. "Myth of the Chrysavides" deserves its place in history.

Their even better followup album "Ancient Afternoons" also debuted on LP only, but later was reissued on CD by the Brazilian Rock Symphony label.

Priority: 3

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