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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Psy-Nukli, England

Psy-Nukli - Number Nine. 1988 private. Cassette only release.

This is actually a collective of two related bands: Psy and Nukli. Both groups were intimately involved with the UK festival space rock psychedelic scene. And the recording media choice of the day was the cassette. By 1989, most had moved on to CD, so this was released at the tale end of the movement. It's about 90 minutes, so it uses the full length of the cassette. It could use a good editing, and contains about 60 minutes of great space rock / experimental found sounds material. Like a more unhinged and unfocused version of Ozric Tentacles. Would be nice for someone to tackle this project, as the potential is mighty. Nukli finally managed a CD on Delerium sometime in 1997, but the group was just a shadow of their former selves by then. Psy-Nukli has at least two other cassettes during the 80s, but as with most of the scene, info is scarce and dodgy at best.

Priority: 3


Bevis Friend said...

Cheers mate.These are real buried treasures.Best blog ever easily.
Much appreciating your time and incredible effort.I'm in danger of getting lost here and never sleeping again.

Tom said...

Thanks Bevis Friend. Good luck with your new blog!

NUKLI said...

Hey, thanks for this post. You might be interested to know that NUKLI are still around and active these days, (look us up on https://www.facebook.com/Nukli.band and other places) - anyway, you'll no doubt be pleased to learn that this album, along with others old and new, are all available directly from the band or from http://www.mychoonz.co.uk/
Hopefully see you in a field in the future! Best wishes, Mark NUKLI