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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fireballet, USA ***REISSUED***

Fireballet - Night on Bald Mountain. 1975 Passport.
Fireballet - Two, Too. 1976 Passport.

Fireballet are one of those bands that many would like to see a reissue of, beyond the usual progressive rock collector community. And there's been talk of it for years, even various band members have popped up in chat boards to discuss it. But it's tied up legally somewhere along the chain. One of the best US prog bands to appear on a somewhat major label.

Despite multiple announcements in the past (including one last year), the Fireballet's sadly remain unissued on CD (legit that is). I've been holding back publishing this entry, because of these announcements, but it doesn't appear a reissue is going to happen anytime soon. The good news is, for those that still have their turntable hooked up (and after all, everyone should anyway ;-) ), finding original LPs of these albums on ebay is easy and cheap.

***Both albums reissued by Belle Antique (Japan) and Inner Knot (USA) in August/September 2014

Priority: 2


Singring said...

Stumbled acroos your blog looking for those announced reissues - too ba dit looks like they won't be happing after all - there's nothing but silence from the band at the moment.

Two great albums though. I especially love Two Too - 'unique' cover, but the contents are quite spectacular. Prog in overdrive. Here's hoping someone has a heart and finally gives these the official release they deserve.

Meidad said...

Got the bootleg CD and i really like their music!

One of the best 70's US prog groups IMO.