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Sunday, August 3, 2014

News: Both Storm (Spain) albums reissued by Arabiand

Achim also let us know that both Storm albums have been reissued in a double CD set known as "Lost in Time" on the Arabiand Rock label. I was following the label intently for awhile, but it seemed they had stopped activity. So it's nice to see they are still in the game. This CD has been co-released by Musea as well.

The first Storm album was reissued by Lost Vinyl nearly 20 years ago, but the second never did get reissued. I've had "El Dia de la Tormenta" in the main list for some time thanks to Midwest Mike's CD-R contribution a few years back. I held it back from its own post since it's a bit out of range for this list (more of a straight forward hard rock album), though it's more progressive than the debut actually.

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