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Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Roadside Attraction, Canada

Another Roadside Attraction - s/t. 1979 ARA.

Another Roadside Attraction are yet another late 1970's band that has that "Midwest progressive rock" sound that I'm quite fond of, and is littered throughout these pages. They feature the unusual lineup of two keyboardists, a drummer and a vocalist. The songs themselves have that slight FM radio slant that makes me a bit nostalgic. But the instrumental sections are right out of the classic ELP playbook. In fact, this album reminds me most of Morgan's "The Sleeper Awakes" and The Trip's "Time of Change". Like those albums, hyper active acoustic piano drives the compositions forward. Synthesizers tend to be the solo instrument of choice. If ProgQuebec ever becomes ProgOntario, then perhaps they'll take on this one! The LP itself has the look and feel of your typical US private press and features neat cover art.

Priority: 2

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