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Monday, March 21, 2011

News: Archival release by Fox (post Day Blindness) coming soon

It's been kind of slow on the news front this year (though I'm sitting on some great news from various labels that I'm bursting to share, but have been sworn to secrecy by all parties). As an aside, the Soleil Zeuhl albums we mentioned last year just came out (though no word yet on Bringolf's "Vision").

Anyway, onto the news. I saw this in the latest Clearspot newsletter. Looks like it could be interesting. Day Blindness should have been better than it was, and this looks more jam oriented which could be excellent. I guess we'll see. It's coming out on RD Records by the end of April.

Label says: "An unreleased album from this post "DAY BLINDNESS" band, recorded in 1969/70. This album is a heavy bluesy psychedelic masterpiece of the highest order. It is virtually the second "DAY BLINDNESS" album with slight personal changes, but musically in a more heavy psychedelic direction. The lead guitarist Gary Pihl is well known today for being the guitar player of BOSTON. Here he plays an amazing psychedelic guitar and it reminds us in parts of the mighty MARIANI's "Perpetuum Mobile" album. Superb bass guitar by Johnny V. Vernazza and crazy drums by Roy Garcia, who later went to play with the legendary band GOLD (of Rockadelic Records fame!). Only one 45 single was ever released of those fantastic sessions on "Studio 10", and the single is mega rare these days. A treasure lost at the time which we are very pleased to present to you today!!! CD FEATURES 2 Long (20 Minutes!!!) Bonus Tracks" (I had no idea until now that the current Boston guitarist came from Day Blindness.)

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