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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lacrima, Germany

Lacrima - s/t. 1981 Tonstudio Bieber.

Another batch just arrived in from The Alaskan Connection, so we have at least 4 more very interesting titles to report on. This one is really more a candidate for the main CDRWL, but given its total obscurity, I thought it worth a main entry post. Tonstudio Bieber is the same label that released Ocean's "Melody" and the Nanu Urwerk album (we're pretty sure Justin isn't involved).

In my mind, Lacrima is a really good example of Deutschrock, which I separate from Krautrock, German progressive rock and polit-rock. I define Deutschrock as nondescript commercially oriented rock with German lyrics. Basically the German local version of our Journey and Boston (completely different sound, but same idea). The Aquarell album we have in the main list is another recent example. Lacrima is a very eclectic release, so there are some very fine moments here, in particular one sequence that recalled the haunting style of Emma Myldenberger. But the album closes with a horrid blues rock track as an example. As the AC says: Lacrima is kind of all over the map. Some folky stuff, symphonic prog, terrible straight blues, etc. A real mixed bag. Worth hearing, but not a top priority, that's for certain. Thanks AC!

Priority: none

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