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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cosmic Circus Music, Germany *** REISSUED ***

Cosmic Circus Music - Wiesbaden 1972. private cassette.

One of our more popular posts last year was a discussion around the Garden of Delights release schedule. One of the albums they have listed is "COSMIC CIRCUS: Wiesbaden 1972" (and that's where I pulled this title from). I immediately presumed it was an archival release. One of our more knowledgeable readers, The Lolly Pope, quickly corrected me and stated: "Cosmic Circus were Ulrich Masshöfer dr, Bernd Diesner g, Karl-Heinz Keffer b,(formerly known as Catharsis, unrecorded) and at that evening in 1972, when these recordings were made in Wartburg-Wiesbaden, Xhol-man Tim Belbe on sax & flute. They never released an LP, but you could order a cassette tape when you reacted to a tiny ad in Sounds magazine. (Which only very few people did)There's only one track, the 45 minutes of "Sternenmaskerade", and it's a wild, weird and wonderful jam, highly recommended to those who love their Kraut pure. Starts like Between, ends like Xhol, but all a bit rougher, fuzzier and hardly any song structure or vocals. In fact it was considered as unsaleable by record companies. I got it, and I would say that it's THE last un(re)released pearl of kraut history."

This has now been taken one step further and the album is posted on this excellent blog. You'll see that they've documented quite a bit of information around this release.

The music is fantastic - a blend of cosmic Krautrock that recalls Agitation Free, The Cosmic Jokers, Dom and Yatha Sidhra. The recording is a bit rough, so it will be interesting to see if GoD has access to the original source or not. In either case, I'll be a first-day buyer of the CD if and when it comes out.

This is quite an amazing find. I encourage all of you to check it out. Thanks again goes to The Lolly Pope and the Roots and Traces: Spurensicherung blog!

*** Reissued by Garden of Delights 2013 ***
Priority: 2


Anonymous said...

thanks for praise and cross-advertising. would be nice if readers could leave a comment on the original blog to encourage the headmaster to do further posts in this direction. Lolly P.

Tom said...

Great stuff Lolly Pope! An excellent find and thanks for giving me the heads up!