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Monday, May 11, 2009

2003 - 2005 News Archive

(11/25/05) Record Heaven's outstanding music label, Transubstans Records, has just announced the reissue of the obscure 1975 Swedish album by Råg i Ryggen. I haven't heard it, but know of it from many of an obscure catalog. As well, the label has announced for 2006 the first ever legit issue of Mr. Brown's sole 1977 album "Mellan Tre Ögon". Earlier in the year they reissued Radiomobel's classic album "Gudang Garam". Great to see this title getting on CD. They also state "After this we will release the debut album "Tramseböx" as well + a CD of unreleased material as well. "

(11/25/05) We've heard from Julian Browning of Rainbow Theatre and in 2006 look for both of their great albums to be reissued legit on the Aztec Music label in 6 panel digi-paks!

(11/17/05) Guerssen of Spain is starting to reissue CDs in addition to their already renowned LP business. Two Spanish psych classics have just been released: La Mosca - The Fly (1970) and Agamenon's "Todos Rien De Mi" (1975)

(11/17/05) Two members of the UK group This Heat have formed their own label This is! in conjunction with ReR Megacorp, and will reissue the entire This Heat back catalog, which has been long OOP from These Records. Look for the debut album to be released in December.

(10/25/05) The Intuition label, a subsidiary of Schott International, will be reissuing the first 2 Between albums "Einstieg" + "And the Waters Opened". These will certainly prove to be some of the most popular reissues of the year.

(10/15/05) Back in the news are Acme Gramophone / Lion Productions, who just announced the reissue of 5 obscure psych / hard rock albums, all released for the very first time from the masters and/or legit sources. First and foremost is the sole 1976 album by the excellent Greek hard rock group Four Levels of Existence. Nice to clear this one off the reissue list! Creation of Sunlight's great 1968 sunshine psych album will also get a first time masters tape reissue (previously only released as a cheap boot). Also look for the 1969 fuzz hard psych punk album from the 49th Parallel. I haven't heard this album from Canada, but sounds right up my alley. And finally, the label has reached deep into obscure territory and are reissuing 2 bands from Uruguay: Hojas and Limonada. Both are said to be pop psych classics with Tropicalia influences. This summer, the label reissued the first album by Quad - a fantastic 90s space rock venture that recalls the early 70s Krautrockers like Ash Ra Tempel and the Cosmic Courier clan. Earlier in the year, they released both Ithaca and Agincourt, 2 nice folk psych albums, especially the former.

(10/15/05) A big kick for me personally is the announcement by Collectors Choice to reissue all of the early Strawberry Alarm Clock albums. Certainly my personal favorite of the 60s psych bands, blending naive innocent melodies with strong instrumentation (fuzz, organ, eastern instruments, flute) and a good dose of early progressive rock (often overlooked by the masses I feel).

(10/15/05) I'm a bit negligent in announcing mainstream artists, so a regular reader of CD Reissue News offered this (thx again!):
"On Oct 11th, EMI will reissue Steve Hackett's Voyage of the Acolyte with two bonus tracks. Ace of Wands (live), and Shadow of the Hierophant (Extended Playout Version, clocking in at 17 mins.)

Earlier this summer Hippo Records (division of Universal) released all four of Styx's Wooden Nickle label albums as a two CD set for the price of one disc. It comes with one bonus track which is a B-Side. This obviously replaces the old One Way versions of the first two albums, and the 2 on 1 disc of thier last two albums from that label. The sound is good, and so are the liner notes. It's called The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings. Perhaps not at the top of most people's reissues list, but a nice morsel to pick up for those into the American scene, and still, not bad that you get 4 albums for the price of 1.

Late September Atlantic released a domestic version of Genesis' Platnium Collection. Now available at Target! :)

Also earlier this Summer, Fie! Records (which is either owned by Peter Hammill or he works close with them) rereleased Aerosol Grey Machine. This would replace the old Reportoire version, but am not sure about the quality and/or if it has liner notes, etc."
(10/6/05) InsideOut Germany has announced the reissue of Guru Guru's "Mani und Seine Freunde". A curious choice, but an album that has never been reissued legit. Hopefully this means the outstanding "Dance of the Flames" isn't far away.
Latest Klaus Schulze releases on Inside Out: "Body Love", "Dune", "Miditerranean Pads" and "Audentity". All have copious bonus tracks.
Latest Kraan releases on Inside Out: "Wiederhoren", "Nachtfahrt", and "Live 88".

(10/6/05) The Laser's Edge has announced the second Secret Oyster release slated for January '06: Sea Son (their second album). They launched the series with their 3rd album, "Vidunderlige Kaeling" (aka Astarte).

(10/6/05) As noted earlier, Prog Quebec has now released Maneige's archival live album "Live a L'Eveche". What I didn't realize at the time is this is basically a reissue of their outstanding (and long OOP) "Montreal 74/75" album with 20 minutes of additional material. Planned reissues for 2006/07: The 3rd and 4th Maneige and both Conventum's. Even more exciting will be the first time ever reissues of both Sloche albums! Recently, the label reissued Pollen's sole great album, which has been OOP for years (Kozak). Earlier in the year the label issued both Contraction albums. Contraction were one of the great Quebecois prog bands and related to Franck Dervieux. As well, they issued for the first time L'Orchestre Sympathique's album "En Concert a la Grande Passe" which, according to the label, sounds like early Maneige. I haven't heard it yet myself.

(9/25/05) New from the Italian mini-LP front: BTF plans on reissuing Alusa Fallax in mini-LP format within the next couple of months. For me, certainly one of the best albums still not in the mini format and the BTF versions are easily on par with their Japanese counterparts. To prove this point, all one has to do is see their beautiful mini-LP gatefold (the original is a single sleeve) of Flea's "Topi O Uomini" album. I'm also anticipating a similar reissue for Panna Fredda since they recently issued an exact LP repro.

(9/23/05) We've heard from Cos (indirectly - thx Cesar!). You can get the remainder of the Cos catalog via Clic Music. Titles include "Babel" and "Swiss Chalet". To further clarify, it appears that Musea will be reissuing "Pasiones" with their usual complete booklet and history.

(9/23/05) As mentioned 2 weeks ago, we'd heard from the Dutch band Kracq, and they had told me that they'd reissued their awesome 1978 album "Circumvision" as a regular CD. And indeed, it's here! Greg Walker carries it, as does the band at Polumnia Music. There seems to be some mastering problems with the tape, but overall it's still nice to have this on CD!

(8/21/05) Shadoks of Germany has just reissued many CDs of albums they originally reissued on LP. This includes the brilliant Lula Cortes & Ze Remalho. One of the finest from the Brazilian freaky prog scene similar to Modulo 1000 or the most out moments by Som Imaginario. Other CDs include Victoria (an interesting low budget late psych piece from New Jersey); The Spoils of War - II (I haven't heard this one, but the first one is amazing similar to bands like United States of America and Fifty Foot Hose); Candida Pax (UK rarity originally on the mythical Deroy label); Mystery Meat (A garage psych band from Illinois); Bango (supposedly one of the best from Brazil)

(8/15/05) Mellotronen has announced the reissue of Kultivator with unheard bonus tracks! Certainly great news for me, given my Gnosis 15 grade on it. The album was originally reissued by the much missed APM label, and is long OOP. Earlier in the year, they released the obscure 1971 sole album by Asoka, a very good progressive hard rock album, and previously only available as a boot.

(8/10/05) Thanks to Mauro of Mellow for his help with some suggestions on my site. In particular, I had forgotten that the best Romanian prog album, Progressiv TM's "Dreptul de a Visa", was reissued by a German label that specializes in early 60's garage bands (Rockin Beat)!

(8/5/05) Some bummer news. The great Isreali based Mio has decided to call it a day due to a number of factors. Their specialty had become rare French avant progressive albums. Not sure who will take up the slack there. Musea focuses on the more symphonic type releases (though there was talk of them reissuing Ma Banlieu Flasque), while Soleil Zeuhl sticks to its namesake. Meidad is a great guy and I hope he'll get a chance to do this again!

(7/25/05) Garden of Delights has just issued the one great album by the Danish group Thors Hammer. Apparently this is the first legit issue (I was mistaken in thinking it had been previously released legit). This is GoD's first foray into non-German music, and thus they've christened the new label Thors Hammer. Prior to this, GoD reissued Joy Unlimited's "Schmetterling", an album I haven't heard but has an excellent reputation. They've also issued Da Capo's one album which was previously done by Little Wing.

(7/18/05) Unidisc has reissued Spirit of Christmas' "Lies to Live By", an album that's been OOP for many, many years. It was the first CD on the Laser's Edge label!

(7/18/05) A new label, at least for me, is Doblon from Spain. They've just issed legit Asturcon's sole album, a nice one from 1981 and pretty obscure.

(7/10/05) Long Hair has just released a live 1973 recording by Kollektiv! I've recently heard it and fans of the band will not want to miss it! Extended and improvised versions of songs from their sole LP (still unissued) + one unreleased track. Also released for the first time are both Blackbirds album, including the 1971 prog album "Touch of Music".

Speaking of classic German groups, SPV continues to repackage all of the classic Popol Vuh CDs. These are very nice digi-paks, with excellent liner notes (though the notes are shared across releases). Much better sound than the old Spalax CDs, but still remain un-remastered.

The first 2 Culpeper Orchard albums are finally available again. Legit issues on the excellent Karma label.

Musea has just reissued Metabolisme's 1977 classic "Tempus Fugit", another of the great one-shot wonders on the Crypto label. According to one source, look for Musea to also reissue the French avant progressive classic Ma Banlieue Flasque sometime this summer!

The Breathless label is a combined effort of Sanctuary and Italy's excellent Get Back label. Their multi fold out digi-pak issue of Jan Dukes de Grey's masterpiece "Mice and Rats in the Loft" is brilliant! Also just out is the debut by Marsupilami and Quicksand's one great album.

Fonomusic (the owners of Spain's most famous progressive rock label Movieplay) have been busy reissuing many albums on digipak. Along with those that have been enhanced from the original early 90's reissues (Triana, Ibio, Granada, etc...), the following have been issued for the very first time: Daniel Vega's very rare "La Noche que Preced a la Batalla"; Azabache's "Dias de Luna"; Vainica Doble's "Contracorriente"; Vega's "Andaluza" and Diego de Moron's sole album.

Speaking of Spain, also just out is the sole album by Feliu i Joan Albert, reissued by PDI. A very nice mellow zone out, until the last track where they rip in the classic Spanish prog sound - with members of Albert's group Musica Urbana.

According to Muck Groh's website they say, "die LP Muckefuck soll folgen!", or "the LP Muckefuck is to follow" the other Aera/Groh CD reissues.

Great news here, as Rubric/Caroline are reissuing for the first time Bevis Frond's "Bevis Through The Looking Glass", which has always been my favorite due to the almost 40 minutes of Amon Duul 2 inspired jams.

I just received a note from Flaming Bess and they tell me all of their CDs are in print and published by the band themselves. This includes a brand new 2004 release. For more information, please visit: Flaming Bess home page

We've just heard from the superb German fusion group Munju. Apparently there is some movement to reissue their 4 great LPs. This is great news! Unfortunately the masters were lost to a flooded basement. Check their website for more details. Munju's Home page

Soleil Zeuhl has just released the last Eskaton album not on CD, "Fiction" with bonus cuts making up the rest of the unissued "Icare". Another one of the best reissues of 2004!

Norwegian label Pan (Host, Ruphus) has once again reissued a major obscurity - this time Freddy Lindquist's 1970 album "Menu".

Duck Your Music has released the other Lotus album "Vera O'Flera", thus forcing me to change my front page!

The first 4 Aera albums have been issued by original label Erlkoenig. Be sure to check out "Live" with Roman Bunka on guitar!

As predicted here, Laser's Edge will indeed be reissuing all of the Secret Oysters along with one unissued studio and one live recording. Incredible!

Mio has issued more from the Phillippe Besombes stable including the electronic classic "Besombes Rizet"

Syn-Phonic has reissued Yezda Urfa's impossible to find "Boris" record.

There's a new label from Germany called CMP (City Music Productions). They seem to have obtained the rights to the Bellaphon label and are reissuing many of their classic 70's titles, most importantly the Orange Peel album from 1970 that had yet to be issued legit.

Mellotronen has issued the first Trettioariga Kriget from the master tapes. For me, this is one of my Gnosis "15's" and one of the greatest prog albums ever released.

Been out for awhile, but recent news to me, is the reissue by Bonton of the classic 1971 album by the Czech group Gattch. Also includes a fully unreleased concert from 1972.

Eclectic/Nebula continues to reissue remastered copies of the Nektar albums. As well, they have done the classic 1970 album by Locomotive "We Are Everything You See"

Garden of Delights has issued Frob's impossible to find 1976 album. I've queued through my copy and it sounds like a great album! As well, they've reissued Aigues Vives (an obscure folk prog piece), Waniyetula's sole album (post Galaxy) and Saffran (unknown 1975 prog)

Laser's Edge claims to have a MAJOR announcement about reissuing all of a band's catalog that has yet to see a reissue. We're guessing it's Secret Oyster. We won't discuss how we came to that conclusion, but it's truly fanciful speculation as Ken is keeping tight-lipped about the whole thing (as he should) (2008 note: We guessed right and all are out now).

Garden of Delights (Germany)
Latest Releases:
1. Necronomicon - Tips Zum Selbstmord (1972). Those generic Little Wing CD reissues need to be replaced.
2. Drum Circus - Never before released 1971 album with Brainticket members. Word on the street says this is incredible!
3. Virus - Rememeber (1973). Looks like GoD is taking on some of the SWF recordings from Long Hair. This is supposedly similar to their "Thoughts" LP.
4. Twogether - A couple of Times. Organ drums duo supposedly like Magma (German group) and Sixty Nine.
5. The Shiver - Super rare 1969 album by Swiss group. This was also just issued in Korea as a mini-LP on M2U.
6. Embryo - Father Son and Holy Ghost. Not sure why this great LP was reissued again. Didn't realize the Disconforme issues were already OOP!
7. Release Music Orchestra - Bremen 1978. The date is too late for this group. Still hoping for their classic first 2 albums on Brain to be reissued!
8. Amon Duul II - Made in Germany
Others out are: 1. Vinegar (1971); Prosper - Broken Door (1975); Join In - Kentaloupe Island (1974)
2. Waniyetula: A dream within a dream (1983)

Long Hair (Germany)
1. Latest release is Rufus Zuphall's "Weiss der Teufel" which supplements the beautiful LP issued by Little Wing 15 years ago.
2. Thrice Mice is out now. This pre-Altona band from 1971 is a nice mix of proto-prog and jazz rock.
3. Out now is Drosselbart, finally replacing the awful Germanofon boot. This is a fine example of an early Krautrock album with German vocals.
4. They will continue to release the entire catalog by Rufus Zuphall. The Spalax issue of "Phallobst" has been OOP for some time. "Avalon and On" was to be their 3rd album, yet to be released in its entirety.

Mio Records (Israel)
1. Flamen Dialis - Symptome Dei. Possibly the greatest of all recent reissues, and the biggest surprise since Mio unearthed the impossible to find Jean-Cohen Solal albums! Mellotron symphonic classic. Includes super rare bonus tracks!!
2. Philippe Besombes - Libra. These old Pole/Tapioca records have been screaming for a reissue for years!
3. Begnagrad (Yugoslavia) and Mosaic (France) are now out! Congrats Meidad on 2 great new reissues!

1. Pole - Besombes Rizet. These Besombes will have Pinhas fans drooling after being reissued!
2. Philippe Besombes - Besombes. Not familiar with this 1974 release, but I'm ready for this issue!
3. Kha-Ym - 10" GMT. Been ages since I heard this one-of-a-kind FLVM classic. Great choice for a reissue. (2008 note: Mio closed up shop before reissuing this album)
4. Un Drame Musical Instantane - Plans to issue five CDs by this avant garde group. Mio has already issued the the root CD of this group, Birge Gorge and Shiroc.

Musea (France)
1. They are still plowing through their Etron Fou Leloublan series, replacing their own "43 songs" CD set.
2. Edition Speciale's "Aliquante" and "Horizon Digitale", plus what appears to be an unreleased 4th album have been on their "coming soon" page for quite some time (2008 note: "Horizon Digital" was finally reissued in 2007 with parts of the 4th album mentioned above). The two titled above are far superior to the debut that they did reissue. 3. Wurtemburg - Rock Fantasia Opus 10. Obviously an unreleased followup to the original Rock Fantasia, this should be quite interesting.
4. Synopsis - Minuit Ville. Nice dramatic symphonic album in the Ange style. Musea did the LP reissue years ago.
5. Metabolisme - Tempus Fugit. Yet another Crypto label classic with some classic "French fuzz" guitar!

Soleil Zeuhl (France)
1. Eskaton - Fiction. The brilliant Zeuhl New Wave followup to "Ardeur".

Mellotronen (Sweden)
1. The 4 CD archive set of radio recordings featuring Flasket Brinner is out! This is an absolutely brilliant set of underground jamming and maybe one of the best archival releases ever!
2. Somehow, Mellotronen has discovered a pre-first album from the almighty Trettioariga Kriget called "Glorious War". This album is a bit more "woodsy" and "rambling" than their later, heavier works. Worth a listen!

Mellow Records (Italy)
1. Philippe Grancher - 3000 Miles Away. Nice electronic symphonic release from the Tapioca label.

Black Rills (Switzerland)
1. Looks like they are planning on reissuing the long OOP Laser's Edge reissue of Werwolf's "Creation". ((2008 note: They did, but that was their last reissue sadly)

M2U (Korea)
1. Anxiously awaiting the next batch of high-quality mini-LP's! (2008 note: RIP)

MNW (Sweden)
1. Has just reissued Archimedes Badkar's legendary "Tre" album. Hopefully the first two aren't far behind! (2008 note: These two are still unreissued)

Karma (Denmark)
1. Has reissued Dr. Dopo Jam's "Entree" album for the first time legit.

Nightwings (England)
1. British folk psych act Fuchsia's sole 1971 album has just been issued.

Cosmic Egg (England)
1. Have announced the pending reissue of Kontrast, the brilliant 1980s post Out of Focus group, whose one album is a classic of the decade.
2. GAM, the shortlived 1970's group headed by Gunter Schickert, apparently has a studio quality archive release called "Eiszeit" that is due imminently on CD.

major labels
1. Nice to see something coming out of Spain after all these years. Finally Fonomusic has decided to do something about their bare bones Movieplay reissues from the early 1990's and have released a slew of high quality digi-pak/remastered Spanish prog albums including the previously un-reissued "Andaluza" album by Vega.
2. Italian and Japanese major labels just continue to overwhelm the market with incredible "mini-LP" sleeves (and remastered) of many of the Italian and British progressive rock classics.

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