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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wolfgang Dauner / Et Cetera, Germany

Wolfgang Dauner - Output. 1970 ECM.
Rischka's Light Faces - Iris, Inri, Pencil And Psalm. 1971 CTR.
Wolfgang Dauner / Et Cetera - Live. 1973 MPS.

*** "Knirsch" reissued by HGBS Musikproduktion July 2010  ***
*** The Wolfgang Dauner Group - Rischka's Soul. 1970 CTR. Licensed to Metronome / Brain 2 years later (the yellow cover) reissued by Long Hair May 2015 ***

I was first introduced to Wolfgang Dauner in the 1980s, via the "Output" release, which was too experimental for me then - and still is.

The albums pictured are from Dauner's period of experimenting with out-jazz and even further out-rock. Highly successful too. Since MPS has picked up their reissue program again, I would suspect the Live album to come out soon. I'm hoping Long Hair takes on Rischkas' Soul (and, as it turns out, they did!)

A few of the Dauner albums have made it to CD (prior to this initial posting): Et Cetera's debut (Long Hair), The Oimels (Long Hair) and Kunstkopfindianer (MPS)

---- October 2015 update on Rischka's Light Faces ----

The AC sent this one over a few months ago, and I finally had a chance to hear it:

Well, didn't this turn out to be interesting? 'Taxi to Musberg' and 'Rischka for Rogue's Gallery' are 18 minutes of "screwing around in the studio" and are an utter waste of time. On the flip side, 'Om Mani Padme Hum' sounds like an outtake from Embryo's Father, Son and Holy Ghosts album, with Siggi Schwab laying down a freaky psychedelic solo, and Dauner doing his best fuzz "whatever keyboard is in the studio" jam. And the title track could have just as easily been on Rischka's Soul album. So a real mish-mash of styles here, and honestly the good tracks should be appended to another album as bonuses, while leaving the others to historical review.

The AC further adds: "Recorded just one day after the sessions that resulted in the first Et Cetera album and with basically the same lineup, this early kraut fusion rarity veers towards the more experimental end of Dauner's classic oeuvre. It's a fascinating excursion, but perhaps a bit too abstract for its own good, thus ultimately lacking in musical content. Worth hearing, but not amongst his finest works, in my opinion. Just to clear up a few details: The correct release date for this must be 1971, not 1970 (which is what you'll often see, as it's the album's copyright date). It was recorded on December 13, so despite its purportedly limited release and distribution, it would have been quite impossible for the LP to have been produced and pressed within that calendar year. Also, the often seen attribution of this to the Wolfgang Dauner Group is clearly incorrect. That group name is credited nowhere on the LP or sleeve, and for obvious chronological reasons this is much more closely connected with Et Cetera than "Rischka's Soul" (which had been recorded over a full year earlier), despite being on the same label."

Priority: 3

Last update: October 15, 2015


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom !
>For my tastes, "Output" is too far out experimental, but I'll leave here as I know the albums has many fans.

Oh Tom, you conservative, you.

I *DO* repeat my thanks to you, though. You gave me your own LP copy of "Output" as a gift (bday , IIRC)one day. EXCELLENT present !
THANKS , man !

BTW , check out Dauner`s wonderful recording w/ Charlie Mariano , called "Tagore". Beautiful. Not wild & avant at all , so you might like it more.
Have yet to hear this yet...
Bakmak Out of the Blue
BUT , I have heard the next one...
Bakmak Fortward Flight Ger 1978
and it`s very nice indeed !


Pet said...

"Rischka's Soul" was a re-release of "Dietrich's Soul", released on "Dietrich Privat Production" in 1970 it appears (recorded in 1969) http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=770378

Tom said...

Hi Pet - yes, it appears you're right. I never knew that!