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Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 News through 5/29

(05/29/09) Mammut's album has FINALLY been reissued! Long Hair was successful in getting it out, though it took close to a year after it was announced.

(05/29/09) The Tree People, a folk band from Oregon that we've featured here before, have reissued their second album from 1984 called "Human Voices" (on Spain's highly regarded Guerssen label). This album was originally released on cassette only.

(05/10/09) We recently found out that BTF of Italy plans on reissuing the Psycheground LP that we have listed on the main site. Thanks to reader Mike for letting us know!

(05/02/09) We've received early word that Radio Noize Ensemble's "Yniverse" will be reissued by Garden of Delights in mid May.

(03/22/09) So there's an interesting reissue of the Chico Magnetic Band that came out in 2008 on the Nosmoke label from Portugal. Imagine my surprise when I saw the back liner notes... which were written by.... ME! (the liner notes? what you see in the main section of the Reissue Wishlist). Guess we can safely assume this is a bootleg as well, since I certainly wasn't contacted prior! It's a pretty decent boot actually, with extra tracks taken from 45s and Ep's, also from the bootleggers collection no doubt. There's also a full history of the band, up through 2003, probably pulled from the net as well. The sound quality is pretty good, a vinyl copy no-noised to death. So we'll keep waiting for a legit press.

(03/22/09) We've recently heard from Lion Productions of Chicago, and it looks like they're starting to license some of the classic Krautrock that were previously released on labels like Zyx and Spalax. The first batch include Emtidi "Saat", Lord Krishna von Goloka and Guru Guru's "UFO". All feature large booklets with histories, interviews, etc... and are a huge upgrade to the original CD reissues. Maybe Captain Trip will license these versions from Lion for a Japanese mini-LP release? They've already done "UFO" prior, so too late for that - but not the others!

(03/22/09) We've also been in touch recently with Antoni of Guerssen Records (Spain) and they've informed us of some new CD reissues including: Warlus, One Way Ticket and Factory. Their primary focus is psych and folk, so a little out of range for our website, but I know many of you will be interested in these, and Guerssen is a great label!

(03/22/09) I feel bad for not mentioning all of the Esoteric reissues that have been piling out. Most of them are remastered versions of albums already out on CD. But Vicky has been great in keeping us informed of all the great albums coming out. Of course we hope that one day they tackle albums still dying to be reissued for the first time like Goliath, Dear Mr. Time, Norman Haines Band, and Time (amongst many others). We know they're doing everything they can, and they remain the top label today dedicated to reissuing progressive rock albums.

(03/15/09) Long Hair is at it again, this time reissuing the legendary 1971 Haboob album with Jimmy Jackson (Embryo, Passport, Amon Duul II) featured on organ. Also, they're issuing for the first time an SWF archival release by a band called Cannabis India from 1973.

(03/15/09) A German label called Sireena, who specialize in German rock (not necessarily what we typically refer to as Krautrock, or even progressive rock - but rather actual German rock with German lyrics), is reissuing a 4 CD set of the Umsonst & Draussen Festivals from 1975-1978, which covers most of the ones I know of (there was one in 1983 as well). So I'll remove those from the list. Maybe Sireena will take over some of the much needed Schneeball reissues?

(03/01/09) ProgQuebec has announced their intention to reissue the sole album by Vos Voisins from 1971. Expect the release sometime this Spring / early Summer.

(02/24/09) On 12/22 we announced that Indie Happy Trails, a new Czech concern, had reissued the Combo FH albums. We have now found out from reader Mike that they are also issuing both albums by post-Flamengo fusion outfit Energit. If that wasn't enough, also look for the two albums from the Canterbury inspired group Mahagon. AND the full works of a jazz rock group named Impuls, who I was unfamiliar with prior to this announcement. Excellent news!

(02/16/09) Ultima Thule's Cosmic Egg label has finally reissued the Kontrast album, that was announced a few years ago. Comes with 30 minutes of bonus material! Kontrast are post Out of Focus and represent one of the best Krautrock albums from the 1980s.

(02/09/09) Soleil Zeuhl has announced their intention to reissue Shub Niggurath's first album. Their debut was a cassette only release that pre-dated "Les Morts Vont Vite". This will no doubt be exciting news for Zeuhl fans everywhere!

(01/31/09) Finally added an FAQ for the site.

(01/22/09) Belle Antique of Japan has announced mini-LP reissues of the classic Amon Duul II and Eela Craig albums (not including the first Eela Craig though). All of have been issued on CD before, except Eela Craig's "Hats of Glass", which will be making its first appearance in full. It had been previously reissued only in part along with all of "One Niter".

(01/12/09) Some 8 years after it was first announced, Garden of Delights is finally reissuing Ibliss' sole album "Supernova". Originally released in 1972 on Aamok, the album is a tour de force of freaky jazz and Krautrock. GoD will also be issuing the folky 1970 debut by Emtidi, which is also making its debut on CD.

(01/11/09) This has been out about 8 months, but we just found out about it: Laser Pace's "Granfalloon" from 1974 was reissued by the band and is available here . Wow, strange nobody's talked about this one. It's a good US prog album from the heyday of the scene, and recalls German groups such as Streetmark or latter day Pancake.

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