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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flame Dream, Switzerland

Flame Dream - Calatea. 1978 Philips.
Flame Dream - Elements. 1980 Vertigo.
Flame Dream - Out In the Dark. 1981 Vertigo.

One of the more known groups on this list, Switzerland's Flame Dream managed to get their albums distributed pretty well around the world. I've had all 3 on LP for years. One of the last of the major label progressive bands, debut "Calatea" and "Elements" are both very strong symphonic efforts, both with complex melodies and arrangements. "Out In the Dark" begins to creep slowly into the AOR world, but is still nice enough to consider for reissue. After this, they headed pretty fast into pop irrelevance. Though I'm sure those albums have their fans too.

Long Hair, Sireena, Esoteric or Garden of Delights could sell tons of these I think. Obviously they're tied up legally somewhere.

Priority: 2

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