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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sensations' Fix - Franco Falsini, Italy *** REISSUED ***

***06/10 Update: All of these are now available as part of 6 CD sets (Vol. 1- Vol. 6) of various Italian progressive rock albums. Not ideal, but technically they've been reissued***

Sensations Fix - s/t. 1974 Polydor.
Sensations Fix - Portable Madness. 1975 Polydor.
Franco Falsini - Cold Nose. 1975 Polydor.
Sensations Fix - Finest Finger. 1976 Polydor.
Sensations Fix - Boxes Paradise. 1977 Polydor.

How can it be that while most of the Italian progressive scene has been reissued, that most of the Sensations' Fix catalog has been ignored? Legal reasons I'm sure.

One of the best progressive space rock bands ever and "Portable Madness" sees the band at their pinnacle.

Along with Achim Reichel, Franco Falsini and troupe are probably the band that we receive the most requests for a reissue.

Polydor was successful in getting out their second album "Fragments of Light" (a low budget, bare bones reissue if there ever was one, so a new reissue would be most welcome), before Phonogram put the kibosh on progressive rock reissues. That was in 1994!

Until very recently, I didn't even know that Sensations' Fix had a self-titled debut album. Apparently it was a promo and not sold through stores (even though it does sport a unique cover as shown). It's a little more underproduced than the others, but unmistakably has the Sensations' Fix space rock sound. Much of the material represents earlier versions of songs that would later show up on "Fragments of Light".

I feel there's a distinct downward turn on "Boxes Paradise" and that's as far as I'll go for a reissue request. Completist's would probably be interested in "Flying Tapes" (1978), "Vision's Fuigitives" (1978) and "Antidote" (1980) as well.

I personally feel that "Portable Madness" is the single greatest album still yet to be reissued on CD legitimately.

Priority: 1


rodmack said...

when he came to virgina he did albums for a label called all ears can you give me any info on them used to own them on vinyl but divorce took them want too get them again as far as i know never been released on cd thanks

Tom said...

Hi Rodmack,

You are correct, there were two albums on the All Ears label under the Sensations' Fix band name. One was "Visions Fugitives", while the other was "Flying Tapes" which is more of a compilation. Neither have been reissued in full on CD. Some of the former album can be found on the recent anthology "Music is Painting in the Air" http://cdreissuewishlist.blogspot.com/2012/06/news-sensations-fix-to-release-2-cd.html

Otherwise, you can still find originals on ebay. Don't pay too much for it though. Some guys try to extort high prices, but it's really not that rare and sought after. Wait until you see one that is reasonably priced.