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Monday, June 14, 2010

C. B. Busser, Switzerland

C. B. Busser - Movies. 1978 Musk Project.

Busser was the keyboardist for the blues rock group Whipping Post, a band who took the unusual step of mixing Allman Brothers southern rock with mellotron. "Movies" is his debut solo album, and like so many solo albums, it's a disparate mix of styles that lack cohesion. About half the tracks are bombastic choir mellotron driven numbers, that will have fans of the instrument drooling at the mouth. Otherwise there's a mix of blues & folk numbers and other miscellaneous styles. Like many artists in the 1970s, I'm sure Busser wanted to prove, probably to himself, he had more range in his repertoire. A decent album, but only about 20 minutes of truly interesting material (for me anyway). Features a nice gatefold cover.

Priority: none

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