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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leong Lau, Australia *** REISSUED ***

Leong Lau - Dragon Man. 1976 Sunscape. *** Reissued ***
Leong Lau - That Rongeng Sound. 1977 Sunscape.

The cover to Dragon Man is a bit misleading, showing head honcho Lau holding up a saxophone, which would indicate a honk fest. In contrast, this is a deep psychedelic funk album, with lots of wah wah guitar, phased/echoed sax, flute, heavy bass & drums with plenty of ranting from Lau, channeling his best Frankie Dymon imitation. Picking up a strong Hendrix influence as well. Considered by many to be the rarest album from Australia, and it's easy to see why. Super album.

A year later, Lau returned with the equally obscure "That Rongeng Sound". The 24 minute EP length sophomore album can only be described as a disappointment. Gone are the edgy guitars and general mayhem of "Dragon Man". In its place a far more slick sound is introduced, though Lau continues to rant and rave about God knows what. Perhaps we could call it proto rap. Stick with "Dragon Man" and don't look back.

*** Dragon Man Reissued by Strawberry Rain in 2014.

Priority: none (for That Rongeng Sound)

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