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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Children of One, USA

Children of One - s/t. 1970 Real.

A real oversight here on my part. I just recently picked up the original LP from a good friend that some of you may remember as Mystery Poster. And as I went to update my description, I discovered it wasn't here! It's only in the main list. So with much delay, here is its debut in the CDRWL.
Children of One is not really a rock album, but as psychedelic as any album I’ve come across. Meditative, Eastern influenced acoustic jazz with flute, female voice, sitar, hand percussion, cello, piano and other instruments. Otherworldly and deeply peaceful. Has THAT vibe that reeks of the real underground, a certain something that is found more frequently in the Krautrock genre (the atmosphere of Dom’s “Edge of Time” comes to mind in parts, though musically quite different). Also hear some of Algarnas Tradgard's classic 1972 album minus the psychedelic rock jams. Children of One were from one of the many hippie communes that existed in upstate New York during that time. A wonderful album.

Worth noting that in the dead wax, a date is listed as 1-2-70, which would seem to refute the more popular assertion of 1969. Also, the original vinyl is not a good pressing as my copy is visibly mint, but still very noisy (we'll try to give it one more clean just in case...)

There is a CD on Akarma, but like many of their obscure USA based releases, it looks of dubious origin, with no details surrounding the original LP.

Priority: 2


isabelbc said...

hi Tom,
check it out...
Isabel :o)

strawbsfan said...

Thanks Tom,
Interesting your comment on the Akarma release considering it was sold as an Akarma Deluxe release and had not extras nor even a booklet :)