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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

News: Micah "I'm Only One Man" to be reissued this summer!!

Thanks to a tip from Gnosis Mike (to distinguish from Midwest Mike...), we learned that Shadoks of Germany will be reissuing this most magnificent progressive hard rock album.

Only a couple of years ago, the band was completely shrouded in mystery. Now they have a Facebook page with a complete history. The page is filled with photos, band comments, etc... Hopefully most of these will find their way into the reissue.

And even more great info published here on April 25th (thanks to ProgCzar for the heads up!)

We should expect a reissue this summer. My guess is Shadoks, as is their custom, will lead with the LP and follow with a CD later, but hopefully they'll do both at the same time.

Check out the awesome promo video. For me, Micah's music is the definition of BAD ASS. They exude early 70's coolness.

Here's our original feature of the album.
Another Priority 2 (borderline 1) to scratch off the list! Great news all around.


esoterico said...

Great news, indeed! This is a legit re-issue, right? I know that some of the stuff they re-issued is somewhat "grey area" (see PAEBIRU and JUNGLE just to name a few), but this appears totally legit. Instant buy for me, for sure (LP format).

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Bogdan,

Yep - 100% legit! - Tom

isabelbc said...

hi Tom,

great album!!

Isabel :o)

Charlene said...

Fantastic! This is, indeed, a legitimate reissue! The album jacket is also going to have a section with questions to and answers from the band members AND a collection of photos! Charlene (Micah Facebook page Administrator)

Charlene said...

Fantastic! This is, indeed, a legitimate reissue. The album will also have interview questions and answers with the band members and a collection of photos! Charlene (Micah Facebook Page Administrator)