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Sunday, April 15, 2012

News: Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes - No. 2 to be reissued (sort of)

I say "sort of" because like the Sensations Fix albums recently, you have to buy it as part of a box set.

Looks like Mercury Records will release a CD box set of the first 4 Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes albums. It's priced at 15 Euros, so if you missed out on the Mantra (also licensed to Si-Wan) issues many years ago, this would seem to be a must pick up at a very cheap price.


While this is certainly going to be received as good news for many, it is completely frustrating for those of us who already have those Mantra / Si-Wan albums. Why?

Because they didn't start the series with the Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis album (1969), but rather the Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - No. 2 album (1970) (which was the first Alpes album. Staying with me here?). And of course the + 2 Bis and the No. 2 album are the only ones not on CD up until this point.

So to obtain No. 2 on CD (which IMO is the best of the Ribeiro albums) - we'll have to repurchase the other 3 again. The price point is such that it's not that big a deal, but it's a shame they didn't at least put the + 2 Bis album in there as well.

Here is our Ribeiro entry


Tristan Stefan said...

Is it possible the first album wasn't included because it was already released in some time past, but now it's sold out? I say this, because a few of them have been released already, I have some on cd, like paix. I think this chanteuse is very popular in France still.

strawbsfan said...

Thanks Tom for more good news. I did see it mentioned on RYM and of course any Catherine Ribeiro related re-issue is welcome news to me...unlike you from the original albums I only had the vinyl to cherish so I will happily splurge for this one :)
I did purchase the compilation 4CD box set Libertes? released in 2004 but I tend to prefer single albums.

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Tristan,

First one never came out unfortunately. Apparently one live track did surface from this set though.

SF - It is good news overall, but I sure wished they would have released No. 2 separate! :-)

Thanks for the comments guys!