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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Charlee, Canada

Charlee - s/t. 1972 RCA

The second cover is from a 1976(!) US reissue. Not quite sure the story behind that, but in any case, both issues are pretty rare these days.

This is another CD-R revisit project post. I think I left this one off mainly since it's on the margins of our scope. But it's a very fine hard rock album and well worth a CD reissue. There are a couple of pirate versions out there naturally.

It's been often said that Frank Marino, at the dawn of his career, heavily copied Jimi Hendrix. More than likely, though, he was also influenced by fellow Montreal resident Walter Rossi and his band Charlee. Listen to the first 3 Mahogany Rush albums and compare to Charlee, which was recorded only a year earlier. Many parallels can be found. Frank eventually forged his own style and became one of the all-time great hard rock guitarists. No telling what Rossi could have achieved had he not chosen a career as a session musician. Good hard rock / psych album.

Priority: 3

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