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Monday, August 11, 2014

News: Fireballet reissues to obtain release in the US on Inner Knot

Much more information has surfaced regarding the reissues of Fireballet since we last reported on it. Thanks to a note from TheH this morning, and a further discussion with Laser Ken, we have learned that the Fireballet albums will be coming out in the US in September on the King Crimson specialist label Inner Knot. And, as it turns out, band member Jim Cuomo's wife runs Inner Knot, so now it's all making sense. As far as production goes, it was remastered by Larry Fast, so it should sound fantastic.

The official blurb on Facebook says: "We here at Inner Knot are proud & excited to announce the long awaited release dates for Fireballet's "Night On Bald Mountain"… newly remastered by Larry Fast… August 25th for Japan & Sept 16th in the USA… stay tuned for info on when to pre-order!"

We also have learned that the band was unsatisfied with the "Two, Too" cover (if I said that was understandable, it would be a gross understatement I think), and so expect new artwork for that as well.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

News: Both Storm (Spain) albums reissued by Arabiand

Achim also let us know that both Storm albums have been reissued in a double CD set known as "Lost in Time" on the Arabiand Rock label. I was following the label intently for awhile, but it seemed they had stopped activity. So it's nice to see they are still in the game. This CD has been co-released by Musea as well.

The first Storm album was reissued by Lost Vinyl nearly 20 years ago, but the second never did get reissued. I've had "El Dia de la Tormenta" in the main list for some time thanks to Midwest Mike's CD-R contribution a few years back. I held it back from its own post since it's a bit out of range for this list (more of a straight forward hard rock album), though it's more progressive than the debut actually.

News: Atmospheres / Clive Stevens now on CD

I had a few folks mention this one to me - including Gnosis Mike and Achim - while I was on vacation these past two weeks. I flat out just wasn't aware of this title, though it's obviously more well known amongst fusion fans, and as you can see by the label above, it's loaded with marquee talent.

The label is ESC who specializes in fusion. Their advert for the album goes on to say: "Saxman / keyboard player Clive Stevens from Bristol, England, was among the earliest to explore the nexus of jazzrock and electric jazz in his two 1974 albums. And both releases, “Atmospheres” and “Voyage to Uranus” have stood the test of time. “Atmospheres” was finished in one day with no rehearsals in New York City. This was a super session of the highest level with bassist Rick Laird and drummer Billy Cobham's only recording together outside John Mclaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra.

The world class guitarists Steve Khan and John Abercrombie feeding off of each others' incredible talent, Ralph Towner on electric piano/ring modulator in awesome form and Harry Wilkinson added later on percussion.

The raw power of the session was electric, beyond belief. So don't expect to hear something mellow, this is dark, sometimes scary music for those late nights. Still compelling after all these year, something like a blast from the past.

“Atmospheres” is being re-released now after 40 years, first time on CD. Some of the compositions came from Clive’s original band in London called "CAPARIUS"."