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Sunday, May 26, 2013

News: Klockwerk Orange album reissued!

Well.... this news did not come from any of my usual sources. Just an anonymous comment on my CDRWL album entry. No links, no nuthin. Just a label I hadn't heard of before (Digatone). Many times I get notices for pirate issues that I just ignore and delete - but not this time! A little research shows we have the real deal here folks! This is exciting stuff... Dealers, start stocking up!

Here's the Facebook page where you can validate the story. Here's the official blurb: "

Klockwerk Orange
1975/2013 Reissue als 2xLP Album + CD
Digatone Records – DIG 001
Vertrieb: Trost
Veröffentlichung: 17. Mai 2013
Kontakt und weitere Infos dazu:
Albi Dornauer: fb: https://www.facebook.com/albi.albi.albi?fref=ts
mail: digatone@gmail.com

Eine der außergewöhnlichsten österreichischen LPs der 1970er Jahre mit dem wundersamen Titel “Abrakadabra” stammt von einer obskuren Teenagerband aus dem Tiroler Alpenland: Klockwerk Orange. Als das Album 1975 erscheint, sind die medialen Reaktionen verhalten, 38 Jahre später hat sich die Platte zu einer weltweit gesuchten und ultra-kostspieligen Monster-Rarität des Psychedelic Rock gemausert. Internetforen von Südkorea bis Chile, von Kanada bis Thailand diskutieren über das irgendwo zwischen Symphonic Progressive Rock à la Pink Floyd und Emerson, Lake & Palmer und epischen Klassikelementen à la Bruckner angesiedelte Werk der Band Klockwerk Orange. Der Sammlerwert kratzt an der Tausend Euro Marke, nun wird das längst vergriffene Album vom Innsbrucker Label Digatone wiederveröffentlicht. Als besonderer Bonus enthält das Reissue auch noch drei unveröffentlichte Nummern plus zwei Live Versionen, aufgenommen bei einem Konzert im Innsbrucker Stadtsaal 1975. Die Neuauflage in Doppel-Vinyl-Form plus enthaltener CD ergänzt damit das ursprüngliche Werk um verschollene Aufnahmen der Band und gibt gleichzeitig den Startschuss für das in Wien und Innsbruck beheimatete Re-Release-Label DIGATONE.
Für alle Tiroler Fans wird der „neue“ Klockwerk-Tonträger im Rahmen der beiden Konzerte: iMstrumental im Glenthof Imst am 19.5. und Maikonzert im Stadtsaal Landeck am 25.5. weiters noch am Vinyl-Day 19.5. von Tonmöbel Kafka, erhältlich sein."

This translates to (according to Google of course): "One of the most outstanding Austrian LPs of the 1970s with the wondrous title "abracadabra" comes from an obscure band of teenagers from the Tyrolean Alps Country: Klockwerk orange. When the album appears in 1975, the media are behavioral reactions, 38 years later, the board has blossomed into an internationally sought and ultra-expensive Monster rarity of psychedelic rock. Internet forums from South Korea to Chile, from Canada to Thailand discuss this somewhere between Symphonic Progressive Rock a la Pink Floyd and Emerson, Lake & Palmer and epic classical elements à la Bruckner resettled work of the band Klockwerk orange. The collector value scratches at the thousand euro mark, now long out of the album will be released by the label Digatone Innsbruck. As a special bonus, the reissue also contains three numbers plus two unreleased live tracks, recorded at a concert in Innsbruck city hall in 1975. The double vinyl edition in shape plus included CD complements the original work order-lost recordings of the band, while giving the go-ahead for the company headquartered in Vienna and Innsbruck re-release label DIGATONE.
IMstrumental Glenthof in Imst on 19.5: For all fans of the Tyrolean "new" Klockwerk-recorded music under the two concerts will. and Maikonzert city hall Landeck at 25.5. still further on vinyl Day 19.5. be available from Tonmöbel

That's right vinyl hounds - a double LP too! Includes a full live concert from 1975 as noted above. 

Here's more data from Discogs:

A1 DuonyunohedeprincesR
Music By – Hermann Delago
A2 The Key
Lyrics By – Heinrich Prokopetz Music By – Hermann Delago
Abrakadrabra (21:21)
B1.1 Abrakadrabra
Music By – Hermann Delago
B1.2 Temple Sh. Thirty Five
Music By – Hermann Delago
B1.3 Mercedes Benz T 146.028
Music By – Hermann Delago
Live @ Stadtsaal Innsbruck 1975
C1 Schlüsselbein Overture
Music By – Hermann Delago
C2 Willoughby
Music By – Hermann Delago
C3 Vlad Zeppesch
Music By – Hermann Delago, Markus Weiler (2)
D1 DuonyunohedeprincesR
Music By – Hermann Delago
D2 The Key
Lyrics By – Heinrich Prokopetz Music By – Hermann Delago
1 DuonyunohedeprincesR
Music By – Hermann Delago
2 The Key
Lyrics By – Heinrich Prokopetz Music By – Hermann Delago
3 Abrakadabra - A) Abrakadraba - B) Temple Sh. Thirty Five C) Mercedes Benz T 146.028
Music By – Hermann Delago
4 Schlüsselbein Overture
Music By – Hermann Delago
5 Willoughby
Music By – Hermann Delago
6 Vlad Zeppesch
Music By – Hermann Delago, Markus Weiler (2)

Companies etc



Gatefold Sleeve
Liner notes in English and German
Sides A & B aufgenommen im Tonstudio Koch, Elbigenalp, März 1975
Sides C & D aufgenommen live im Stadtsaal Innsbruck 1975


Here's my puny entry for the title.  I'll be buying the LP (and the CD that comes with it) as soon as possible!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

News: BTF/AMS releases archival Kundalini Shakti Devi from 1974

Thanks to a observation by our good friend Spacefreak, it appears AMS/BTF have uncovered a new rarity. I know nothing about the music, sound quality, etc..., but it certainly warrants mentioning! Here's the label scoop:

"As sometimes happens, the eponymous “Kundalinî Shakti Devî” release is a mysterious album, hidden for decades - was recorded back in 1974! - on a tape stored in some drawer, that has been reopened and rediscovered only today. History repeats: the mastermind of the project, Roberto “Paramhansa” Puddu, managed to put together an ensemble of seven musicians with whom he recorded three long tracks, lasting an average of over 15 minutes each, but the genre in 1974 was already struggling to attract the interest of some music manager who could produce and distribute the LP.

The music is inspired by the classic Italian progressive rock, with lyrics about science fiction ("Sensitivity", "Galactic Museum") and criticism of the consumer society ("Flash"), while the ‘external’ influences 'external' carry the name of Van Der Graaf Generator and some German cosmic music – just listen to the long instrumental song sections to realize that yourself!

An exceptional discovery, to stay besides the minor – but not less important, of course! – classics of Italian prog."

Thursday, May 2, 2013

News: Strawberry Rain to reissue super rare French album Mar-Vista "Visions of Sodal Ye"

Here's an album I've never even heard of until today. It was pressed on the do it yourself Kiosque D'Orphee, and is about as obscure as it gets. In researching, I found one previous auction, and that's the photo above. The seller described it as "cosmic prog", which sounds good to me - but who knows what it's really like. Could be one man and his synthesizer for all I know. Anyway, we'll find out soon enough as Strawberry Rain plans on reissuing this in the next couple of months!

While on the topic of Strawberry Rain, they also plan on reissuing a very rare 1973 band from Canada called Blind Owl (not to be confused with the 80s Massachusetts band). I could find nothing but an acetate cover on RYM (see below) and an Acid Archives stub calling it "obscure folk". Yet again, we'll be finding out more about this title soon.

And the previously announced Leong Lau's "Dragon Man' is on pace to be reissued between July and September this year.