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Monday, June 29, 2009

George Hirota, Japan

George Hirota - Sahasurara. 1976 King.

Fascinating fusion / progressive / avant rock hybrid with indigenous tribal Japanese elements. Lots of flute, chanting / manic vocals, acoustic and fuzz guitar, piano, vibes, and a variety of percussion. Strays a bit towards the avant-garde, ala JA Caesar, during the middle of Side 2. Very unique album. Definitely in need of a CD reissue. Hirota isn't exactly an unknown (later he was known in fusion circles as Joji Hirota, and released a few albums under that name), and King Records is still a very active label. Not sure why this one is still sitting in the vaults? And it's a total unknown. Took me nearly 12 years to finally hear it (and I now own the LP).

Priority: 2

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