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Sunday, June 7, 2009

News: Sireena to begin reissuing albums from Sky Records!

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but it looks like the very German label Sireena (that is to say, they don't bother describing anything in English) have begun to license the more progressive rock leaning albums from the classic post Brain label, Sky Records.

In the next couple of months look for Octopus' classic "The Boat of Thoughts", both Shaa Khan albums, Bullfrog's "High in Spirits", and the Harlis album.

UMR review of Shaa Khan

Perhaps Sireena will be the label that finally penetrates the Schneeball label?


Bill said...

Its great that Sireena released Octopus-Boat Of Thoughts, I bought it even though I have the Japanese minilp version. But, It's criminal that the second album by the German band Octopus-An Ocean Of Rocks, has been ignored,dismissed as "lightweight" when 'An Ocean Of Rocks' is a great rocking album! maybe even better than 'A Boat Of Thoughts'

Tom said...

Hi Bill,

You'll be happy to know that Sireena is reissuing both Octopus' second and third albums early next year!

BTW - that Japanese mini LP is Tachika, which is unfortunately a bootleg. Hopefully you'll pick up the Sireena version, which sounds great!

- Tom

Anonymous said...


I did buy the Sireena Boat Of Thoughts.

Now if someone would release Wallenstein's 'No More Love' which was thier last very good album!!

Anonymous said...

Just want to add here that another album I'd like to see released is the Anglo-Italian band Nova's album 'Vimana'


Tom said...

Hello again Bill,

To the best of my knowledge, all the Nova's but "Sun City" came out in Japan (circa 2005/6) on BMG.

Bill said...

Thanks Tom, Yes, you are right but for me the Nova-Vimana release on BMG Japan is rare and pricey