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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kaleidoskop, Germany

Kaleidoskop - s/t. 1974 Lava.

At the crossroad of jazz and rock, with emphasis on the latter. Sax, flute and organ lead the solo parade (there are no less than 3 full time winds players). Some inventive compositions, and the progressive rock element comes out in the unison playing, which at times is complex. Occasionally I hear same period Missus Beastly, though Kaleidoskop are definitely more jazz oriented. Side 2 features a lengthy suite, utilizing Eastern scales, that is quite interesting, if not overly inspired. Overall a good jazz rock album, that I'm sure would do well as a CD reissue, especially amongst the more adventurous jazzers out there.

Thanks to Midwest Mike for this one (our first of many from Mike that we will feature on the blog)!

Priority: 3

1 comment:

cfvonarx said...

please review or comment on black mass by lucifer (mort garson 1971)not yet on cd and globetrotter by guru guru not on vinyl or cd.