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Friday, June 5, 2009

Pascal Languirand, Canada

Pascal Languirand - Minos. 1978 Kebec
Pascal Languirand - De Harmonia Universalia. 1980 Minos. 1980 Polydor (France)
Pascal Languirand - Vivre Ici Maintenant. 1981 Minos

Pascal Languirand is sort of the Richard Pinhas of Quebec. A one man show of dark electronics (primarily Moog) and searing electric guitar. He's a bit more cosmic than Heldon, which calls to mind Klaus Schulze. And he often uses wordless voice that reminds me of Franco Falsini. On "Minos" there's also a trippy folk number with French vocals that I find highly appealing in this setting. "De Harmonia Universalia" is quite similar, a bit less foreboding and more cosmic than its predecessor, with no drop-off in overall quality. The trio is completed by "Vivre Ici Maintenant", and again, perhaps surprisingly, there is no noticeable drop-off in the quality. Here, Languirand takes us a bit further East while adding some acoustic percussive elements. Album could be considered an anachronism considering the late date.

These albums are still relatively easy to find on ebay. The first one being the most difficult. Hopefully ProgQuebec will take these on, as they'd probably sell relative well. There is a compilation disc that features some of the music above, but would be nice to see the albums come out in full.As it turns out the confusion here lies in the fact that De Harmonia Universalia was issued in France with the name "De Harmonia Universalia - Minos", and it finally becomes clear to me that this subtitle has created confusion in the marketplace. RYM lists this as a compilation from 1993, indicating it's a reissue of the first two albums. But that's simply not the case.

Priority: 2

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