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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alain Markusfeld, France

Alain Markusfeld - Le Monde en Etages. 1970 EMI
Alain Markusfeld - Le Son Tombe Du Ciel. 1971 EMI
Alain Markusfeld - Le Desert Noir. 1977 Egg
Alain Markusfeld - Platock. 1978 Egg

"Le Monde en Etages" is a great psychedelic, proto-progressive type album. Has some of those unique French touches that penetrate most albums from there (effected vocal styles, weird sonic changes, experimental bits). Not to mention the sublime Hendrix styled guitar. Excellent.

More exploratory and adventurous than the debut, "Le Son Tombé du Ciel" is perhaps Markusfeld's finest work within a creative period that spans throughout the 1970s. He continues his love affair with Hendrix, and the psychedelic blues rock numbers on here prove it. But there's a new dimension added, one that is based in experimentalism, jazz, and folk. These latter elements show up in the incredible pleasant atmosphere, rather than as dissonant noise. In fact the last track 'Eve' is immensely beautiful, the female wordless voices taking you to a different world. This latter track seemingly the blueprint for the Lourival Silvestre "Fiction Musicale" album that would come along a few years later. Overall, an album that is very French, and I mean that as a high compliment. The album is housed in an incredible textured (single sleeve) cover and would be an excellent Japanese mini-LP candidate.

 After 5 years of silence, Markusfeld reinvented his career as primarily a fusion guitarist, but with far more melodic interplay than that might first imply, which I consider a major plus.

His last couple of albums (not listed) are of less interest.

Platock moved to UMR

Priority: 1 (based on the strength of the first 2 albums)

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