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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michel Madore, Canada

Michel Madore - Le Komuso a Cordes. 1976 Barclay.
Michel Madore - La Chambre Nuptiale. 1979 Egg.

The debut is a rather intense affair, with an instrumental wall of sound keyboard approach (and Madore has quite an impressive layout of analog keys), strumming acoustic guitars and an active drummer. Sometimes an accompanying instrument will solo, such as a violin. Strong release that recalls at once Klaus Schulze's more rock oriented works such as "Moondawn", along with Mike Oldfield and early Duncan Mackay ("Chimera"). One that hopefully ProgQuebec will release in the future.

I'm not as keen on the second album as it's a mite slow going with a pile of thin sounding polyphonic synthesizers to sit through. All the energy of the debut is lost here.

Priority: 2 (on the strength of the debut)

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