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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Light, Netherlands

Light (Formation) - The Story of Moses. 1972 Barclay (also 1972 Brain).

Originally released in France as a single sleeve. Shortly thereafter it was licensed to Brain / Metronome in Germany and issued as a gatefold. The group is actually known as Light Formation per the historical liner notes on the back of the LP (I have both the Brain and Barclay originals and it's on both). The label on the original Barclay version calls them Light Formation as well, but the Brain label has it simply as Light.

Musically this is a grand scale attempt at interpreting the Biblical story of Moses. The vocal / narration segments recall the similarly minded Salamander of "Ten Commandments" fame. Fortunately most of the album is instrumental, with most of the musical sections handed over to the organist who does a splendid job of melodic soloing. Concerning the instrumental sections, same era Earth & Fire comes to mind. Plenty of flute, guitar, bells, etc... to augment the keyboards. A fine album, and the gatefold Brain version of the cover would make for a wonderful Japanese mini-LP.

Priority: 2

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