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Monday, November 29, 2010

Facedancers, USA

The Facedancers - s/t (USA) 1972 Paramount.

There really is no album like The Facedancers. Typical of the Paramount aesthetic, Washington DC based The Facedancers were an eclectic bunch, that had no real identity, though to be sure it was probably the label's most purely progressive rock act (besting the also varied Baxter album). They use harmony vocals and have a slight folky and bluesy touch to their songwriting. But most of the songs feature long and complex instrumental breaks, that sounds right out of early 70s northern Europe, with flute, electric guitar and organ. The guitarist plays in a decidedly psychedelic manner. Excellent album. Muddy recording would benefit greatly from a remastered CD. I could see Gear! Fab! taking this one on, as it fits their profile best.

Priority: 2

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