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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ada le Fol, France

Ada le Fol - Les Années d'Errance. 1980 Elia Disques.

Regular reader Rob mentioned in the comments section of the Trefle album that I should track this one down, and my good friend sent this one in with the Metronic Underground, Earthstar, etc...

It came up in the Trefle thread naturally enough, as Ada le Fol is another example of the French underground of bands that played in that unique French theatrical progressive rock style made so popular by Ange and Mona Lisa. This is more under produced and amateurish, just as Trefle and Grime are, but that's where the appeal lies. It's creativity at its most raw. Vocalist does a fine job at the Decamps style, whilst the keys and guitar keep the progressive quotient alive. There's one throwaway good times rock and roller on Side 1 to endure, but otherwise this is a strong example of the style.

Priority: 3

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