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Monday, December 27, 2010

Zadri & Mo, France

Zadri & Mo - Erebus. 1982 Polydor.

Zadri & Mo, despite looking like the bad guys in a Luc Besson film, have created quite an exquisite analog electronic album before the market became saturated with third rate amateur done-in-the-bedroom digital variations. Not only is there a duo on keys and sequencers (and that extra person definitely adds to the creativity), they also brought along Heldon's drummer François Auger for the ride. And he adds an urgency to the proceedings, just as he did for Richard Pinhas. Erebus continually changes in a progressive rock sort of way, never settling too long on any one sequence. Real drums in an electronic setting has always been appealing to me, and there aren't that many examples. So file this along with Klaus Schulze's "Moondawn", Klaus Krüger era Tangerine Dream/Edgar Froese, You's "Electric Day" and Wolfgang Bock's "Cycles". Or imagine Zanov with another synthesist and analog drums. Despite the listing of a guitar player, he unfortunately doesn't make his presence felt. A rave up ala Pinhas would've put me under for good I think...

Thanks again to the Alaskan Connection for this one.

Priority: 2

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