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Friday, December 10, 2010

Rino De Filippi (Awake), Italy

For the last couple of weeks, we've featured a few items that were recently sent to me from "Midwest Mike" (Ada le Fol, Metronic Underground, SREL, CdL, Earthstar, Heavy Joker - as well as other items you'll find in the main list like Jigsaw - Puzzle and Röda Ropet - Spänn Bågen). And he's sent me many more items over the years, to which I'm forever grateful. A few years ago he sent me two albums that neither of us can find anything on the Internet about. He once owned them on LP, so there's no doubt of their authenticity. He transferred them to cassette over 20 years ago, made note of the track titles, sold them, and that's where we stand.

Both are from Italy. Neither are mentioned in Augusto Croce's excellent Italian Prog website. Or anywhere for that matter.

(update) And, once again, Augusto Croce comes through. He found some wonderful information on Popsike via an old auction. I looked there myself, but missed it! And I was right - it sure enough is a film library album. The artist is Rino de Filippi, going by what appears to the name of Awake. I can't tell by the front cover, but Augusto tells us: "The author is Rino De Filippi, a library music composer using the nickname Awake in this case. The album was relased on Smash, a minor label that also issued the rare album by I Boom."

Rino de Filippi (Awake) - First Born. 1972 Smash.

To me this sounds like an Italian film library album, for which there are dozens. It has that cool 60's jet-set jazz funk feel - music for the martini drinking James Bond crowd. The thing is, many of these library albums went by different titles and artist names.

Here are the track titles:

Green Road
To Carla
Blue Lagoon
To Venice
To Rumble

Priority: none

Thanks to Augusto for this fantastic info!

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