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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

News: Transubstans to reissue Taste of Blues

Great news here, and one that Record Heaven had announced over a year ago. I hadn't featured this one in the hopes that the reissue would come out - and here it is! I had the Garageland LP that came out in the 1990s, but it was never reissued on CD until now.

Record Heaven says: "
Schizofrenia (CD)
Finally we see the re-issue of this old Swedish underground psychedelic monster. Formed around Claes Ericsson, who would later perform in ASOKA and 70's band LOTUS. The album open with the title track, which is a feast of krautockish voodoo rhytms, and flips over to more bluesy style on the 2nd side. The booklet holds a complete history of the band. Very recommended !! "

My entry from the CDORWL:

Taste of Blues - Schizofrenia (Sweden) 1969 SSR (released only in Denmark). One side is a cool free rock jam, like the best of the Krautrock and Swedish artists like International Harvester. The other side is more traditional electric blues, so the album is indeed schizophrenic. Garageland reissued it on LP in 1992.

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