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Monday, December 6, 2010

Metronic Underground, Germany

Metronic Underground - Illusion (Electronic aus Bonn). 1981 private.

Another rarity sent to me by a great friend of this site (along with others in his latest batch like Earthstar - Salterbarty Tales, Heavy Joker, Jigsaw - Puzzle, and a couple of others I'm excited to report on).

Produced by Conny Plank, this is an excellent entry into the large scale German electronic scene. Not really a Berlin School album, though some rhythmic sequencing is present, but still very much informed by late 70's Berlin based artists like Edgar Froese (especially "Ages"), Ash Ra around the time of "New Age of Earth" and Klaus Schulze circa "X". Haunting synthesizers with THAT vibe combined with lightly sprinkled fuzzed and acoustic guitars makes for an album the CDRWL recommends. Side 2 of the album shifts gears a bit and features some vocal numbers that are quite a bit different than the other contents but are strangely engaging all the same. My friend and Gnosis colleague Lev Gankine, who knows far more about obscure German albums than I do, also states on RYM that Metronic Underground reminds him of some of the modern electronic groups on the German indie scene.

Priority: 3

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