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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aku Aku, Czech Republic *** REISSUED ***

Aku Aku - Humanquake. 1991 Pro Art.

Humanquake continues the theme through my collection on albums in the post progressive rock era that are seemingly influenced by King Crimson. That wasn't planned, but so it goes as I painstakingly revisit LPs from the original CD wishlist (first published on my personal website in 2003, though my database says I bought this at the beginning of 1997).

Like the Saisei Koubou, Bohemia's Aku Aku seem to have digested King Crimson's darkest period, that of Larks Tongues.. through to Red. The heavy guitar, bass and violin are obvious earmarks of the Wetton years. Of course the Czech vocals give it a local flair. There's also a distinct punkish feel in a couple of places. In this way, they remind me of another sentimental favorite Czech 90s group - Dunaj.

As an aside, the Czech scene of the early 90s was quite exciting (MCH Band, Stromboli, Dunaj, Iva Bittova, Uz Jsme Doma, etc..), and I was privileged to see a lot of these bands from 1990-1994, as I spent a lot of my backpacking years in post Communist-Eastern Europe. I didn't discover Aku Aku until after that, and this album is quite unusual in that it features a heavy duty gatefold cover and English translations.

(Thanks to a note in the comments - apparently this is already on CD (Guerilla label). Thanks Achim!)

More info here.

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This is apparently reissued on CD, together with an album called KNAK. See: http://www.blackpointmusic.cz/shop/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&products_id=10102