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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Metropolis, Germany

Metropolis - s/t. 1974 Pan.

Here's a title that I'm very surprised to see hasn't been reissued yet. Whether it would have been Ohrwaschl in the 90's, or Garden of Delights and Long Hair today, Metropolis' brand of German underground / progressive rock fits perfectly within their oeuvre. Pan was a sub-label of Ariola-Eurodisc, and therefore was as much known as Bellaphon, Pilz, Ohr, Brain, etc... Yet this title still flies well under the radar that a relative few know about.

Musically, Metropolis is difficult to pigeonhole. It's a panoptic view of the Krautrock genre. I hear elements of other German groups as diverse as Joy Unlimited, Nine Days Wonder, Pell Mell, Lily, Os Mundi, Eiliff and Ardo Dombec. Plenty of superb electric / acoustic guitar, organ, mellotron, horns, flute, female & male vocals. Final 9 minute piece 'Ecliptic' is a monster. Suffice to say, if you're a fan of the early 70s German underground rock scene, then Metropolis is a no-brainer purchase.

Watch for bootlegs of this title.

Priority: 2

1 comment:

Progczar said...

Also a Van Der Graaf Generator vibe.