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Friday, February 25, 2011

Metabolist, England

Metabolist - Hansten Klork. 1982 Dromm.

I think it was Audion in the early 1990s that I first read about this album. I picked up the LP during that period, and since then it seems to have become quite the sought after item.

I can see why Audion recommended it, as it has a certain Krautrock feel to it. I always felt the UK underground favorite This Heat had a similar German vibe and there are parallels between the two groups' sound. Metabolist does possess a certain metronomic Can like undercurrent, along with chanted vocals - more Magma than Damo. Strangely enough the vocals remind me even more of a very obscure Mexican Zeuhl group called Vector Escoplo (from 1991), and one has to wonder if they were more influenced by Metabolist than Magma. As well, Metabolist seems to have a punk and industrial background. These latter two fields I'm much less familiar with, though I'm sure experts in those styles will recognize other patterns. A very intriguing album, and one that falls a bit out of my interest area. However, it's one that I feel compelled to keep and also one to recommend for a CD.

Priority: 3

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