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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Landress / Hart Group, USA

Landress / Hart Group - Dancing Moments. 1981 Shadow Light.

To be honest, like the Projections album listed a couple of days ago, this light fusion album isn't something I would normally publish separately. However, there is scant info on the internet about it, so now there is at least one entry for the album. This might be a good time to remind everyone that obscure does not necessarily mean rare & expensive. For example, the photo provided here came from an expired ebay auction. The final price? $5. Of course, it only takes two people who want something really bad, to get top dollar on ebay.

According to whatever data I could find, Landress / Hart were a Los Angeles based jazz fusion duo (though a full 4 piece group), one on guitar and the other on keyboards. The latter is the usual smattering of period synthesizers and Rhodes piano. It's all rather pleasant, and played to perfection. Mrs. CDRWL joined me for this listening session and thought it to be a very nice instrumental album as well. These guys were definitely pros who deserved more recognition. Recommended for fusion fans.

Another obscurity from the Midwest Mike collection!

Priority: none

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