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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goliath, England

Goliath - s/t. 1970 CBS.

I paid top dollar on ebay for an original LP in March of 2009. No regrets. This is an album I'm keeping for good. Quite simply it's awesome.

The more I hear this album, the better it gets. Goliath are in the jazzy proto-prog arena, with plenty of great flute, and sassy female vocals. First album Affinity with Linda Hoyle on vocals is probably the most obvious comparison. One band that rarely gets mentioned anywhere, but really comes to mind here is Fusion Orchestra. More gritty and less progressive perhaps, but does paint a pretty accurate picture. I also hear some melody/composition lines that recalled the great Diabolus album. Along with the Time (on Buk) album, this would be my top request for a reissue from a classic UK band.

I will continue to beg Vicky Powell at Esoteric to reissue this gem.

Priority: 1

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