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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Legend, USA

Legend - From the Fjords. 1979 Empire.

Connecticut based group whose sole album is truly a "legend" amongst early heavy rock collectors. You'll find scant evidence of music like this on the open market, especially from this era. What is today known as epic heavy metal, Legend were pioneers of a style that didn't find its audience until 20 years later. If you're a fan of early Manilla Road ("Invasion", "Metal", "Crystal Logic" or the archival "Mark of the Beast"), then by all means seek this one out. Long, involved, semi-complex tracks with fantasy imagery is what you'll find here. And very heavy for 1979. So a little out of scope for the CDRWL, but too good to ignore.

Rockadrome (formerly Monster) had claimed their intention to reissue on CD - though it's been a few years since that announcement. Originals are a small fortune in the 4 digit range.

Priority: 2

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