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Friday, July 3, 2009

Dionysos, Canada

Dionysos - Le Grande Jeu. 1971 Jupiter.
Dionysos - Le Prince Croule. 1972 Zodiaque.

Along with Franck Dervieux, Dionysos' first two albums have to be considered Quebec's most pioneering progressive rock works. They mixed psych, electric blues rock and long track progressive compositions to create some wholly original music. In some cases they seem like a French Uriah Heep, but considerably more experimental. They were one of the first rock groups to sing in French. Their 3rd album, a self-titled release from 1976, is more straight ahead blues rock - and has been reissued on CD.

One would suspect that ProgQuebec will eventually release both of these fine albums. They have stated their interest, but as can be the case, there are rights issues to be sorted out.

Priority: 2

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