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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diabolus, England

Diabolus - s/t. 1971 Bellaphon.

An outstanding album. Though only released in Germany originally, ironically it represents the UK progressive sound of the early 70s better than almost any other album I can think of. When I say progressive, I mean the Dawn, Transatlantic, Neon variety ala Raw Material, Indian Summer, Aquila, Jonesy, Hannibal, CMU and dozens of others. Great flute, sax and guitar lead raw progressive rock. A highlight reel of the scene. This album has been poorly served by the reissue market with boots and/or gray area issues dominating. I really hope Esoteric gets to it one day!

Priority: 1


Anonymous said...

These are now being reissued by an Italian company (or at least they were about two years ago).


Tom said...

Hi Max,

Really? That's interesting. Tell me more. Do you remember the label? Is it legit? There are a couple of bootlegs for this album already.

- Tom