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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hannibal, England

Hannibal – s/t. 1970 B&C.

Hannibal are squarely in that unique early 70s UK blues rock school of saxophone lead proto prog, similar in scope to other same-era English acts like Diabolus, Aquila, and Raw Material (circa their first album). Some really nice jazz-tone guitar work too. Despite the lengthy tracks, there isn’t much in the way of inter-song development. Highlights are certainly the last two tracks: 'Wet Legs' and 'Winter', which raise this to a Gnosis 10 / RYM 3.5. A good example of the style. Bootlegs exist.

Priority: 3


esoterico said...

I know this was re-issued on CD in the early 90's by REPERTOIRE's label GREEN TREE. Where they legit? I know they re-issued Catapilla's debut album as well.

Tom said...

Yep, Green Tree is debatable. Another one of those labels that were hit and miss (for certain some of their releases are legit). I'll leave it here, but it sure would be nice to get a better reissue.