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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Synthesis, France

Synthesis - s/t. 1976 Arc-RCA.

Thanks to Midwest Mike, I recently received this title on LP. And it's a very nice embossed gatefold cover. Musically falls into that unique French fusion of funk, jazz, disco and progressive rock all rolled into one. Reminds me somewhat of the early efforts by Cortex and Edition Speciale. 25 piece group (with soft female chorus vocals) recalls some of the Quebec groups like Ville Emard Blues Band, Toubabou and Contraction. Very good effort. Amongst the notables, Didier Lockwood is the violinist while Andre Ceccarelli plays the drums.

Well, it turns out there is a CD on the Dare Dare label. Never seen it, so I'll leave here anyway.

Priority: 3


Rob said...

Hi Tom, just thought I'd give you a heads-up that Synphonic does carry the CD reissue, if you're looking for it.

Also, if you like this album, you may want to check out an LP by a group called Working Progress that sounded quite similar, If I remember correctly. I think it was actually yet another JP Massiera related project. There was also a spin-off group from Cortex called Caribou that was very much in this vein. Unfortunately, they only seem to have released one single. It was pretty good, anyway.

Purple Peak Records said...

Ah, so Greg does have it! I should have checked there first. Thanks for the tips on Working Progress and Caribou, neither of which I was familiar with.