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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nemo, France ***REISSUED***

Nemo - s/t. 1973 Agave
Nemo - Doin' Nuthin'. 1974 Agave

***Nemo (1973) reissued by Musea in 2019***

Nemo are a mix of funk, rock, jazz fusion. First album has more vocals and recalls to mind Santana in places (the best parts actually). 'Doin' Nuthin', their sophomore effort, is mainly instrumental. Good stuff overall and features Francois Breant, who later had some success as a solo artist. Both albums are similar in their eclectic style.

Priority: 3


Meidad said...

Interesting! I heard many years about this group but never had the chance to hear them.

BTw, Tom, do you love Francois Breant late 70's and early 80's solo projects with Magma members?


Purple Peak Records said...

I think his solo works are fine, but not overly essential. Pretty much where I stand with these two Nemo albums as well.

Miklós said...

I've got these two outstanding albums on an old cassette. The poor state of the cassette worries me quite a bit. I've been looking for these NEMO progressive music on CD for years now. Will they be ever published I wonder?
Sadly, the original LPs are on offers at variably high prices.
I'm just hoping for a CD release in my lifetime...
Any good news? Any luck?

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Miklos,

No news as of yet. Hopefully Musea will begin their reissue series again!

Thanks for the comment!

- Tom