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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock Joint Biwa (Furukotofumi), Japan *** REISSUED ***

Rock Joint Biwa - Kumikyoku: Furukotofumi. 1972 RCA Victor 4-Channel "QuadraDisc" (R4J-7015)

*** Reissued by Sony Japan, May 2011 ***

Moved to UMR

Priority: 2


Bill said...

You're spot on about Japan being sort of the last frontier for undiscovered psych gold and while I always hold out hope that some good stuff might be unearthed elsewhere (UK, America, Latin America, Italy, Germany...) its Japan where I believe the odds are best.
Anyway, a nice discovery here... and yesterday!

nnknsh said...

Of the personnel Rob provided,

correct spelling for
Shiro Miyake
should be,
Shiho Miyake

Hirasama Suzuki Trio
should be,
Hiromasa Suzuki Trio

Suzuki Takehisa
should be
Takehisa Suzuki
(Suzuki is the family name)

I have no information on who Shiho Miyake is, but the "rock" members are actually session musicians with Jazz back ground (many of them came from Akira Ishikawa's band Count Buffalos).

Tom said...

Thanks Nobuhisa for the corrections and Bill for the comments!

Bacoso said...

Thanks for this mine of information.
These are already sold out at dustygroove and look to be shifting fast on ebay - I ordered the pair from cdjapan.Now waiting in great anticipation for them to arrive.