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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ixt Adux, USA

Ixt Adux - Brainstorm. 1982 Madame X.

One of many albums I bought from Mr. Syn-Phonic himself in the early 1990s. Greg was foresighted enough in the 1980s to buy stock of many rare US progressive rock albums - and I helped take a few off his hands back then.

Los Angeles based Ixt Adux were yet another late 70s / early 80s US band that had absolutely no chance of commercial success. Their brand of aggressive and complex King Crimson influenced rock will remind the listener of St. Elmo's Fire (Cleveland), October (Detroit) and The Inserts (also in Michigan) - other hopelessly obscure albums. There's even a little Canterbury undercurrent (but brash and entirely American) like you would find on a Cartoon album (Phoenix area band). The vocalist definitely enjoyed listening to Van der Graaf Generator, and he employs many Hammill-like declarations. Really a fine album for progressive rock collectors, and one a reissue label could probably sell - as this style is far more in vogue now than in 1982.

Priority: 3

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