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Sunday, June 12, 2011

News: Vos Voisins to be reissued by Prog Quebec in November!

I've been sitting on this news for some time, having first caught wind of it in early January. And in fact, I do recall their being a premature announcement in early 2010. No matter, as we now have an announced release date from ProgQuebec of November 1, purposely after Halloween because of the track "Le Monstre de la Main".

Our feature of Vos Voisins here.

The topic came up in Progressive Ears for the announcement of the blues rock group Offenbach's double album "Tabarnac" (which you can order now).

Also noted is an October 4th release of a new album by ExCubus, a 1970's vintage group that PQ first introduced to us a few years ago.

And perhaps most exciting is that PQ is still working with Sony on reissuing Michel Madore's "Le Komuso a Cordes" and Franck Dervieux's "Dimension M".


locanda2 said...

Finally! Great news

strawbsfan said...

I will welcome these as well. I made some pretty decent vinyl transfers but I know Stephen and his team do a fantastic job...looking forward to the remasters :)